Rethinking ourselves

When we decided to pursue a website we wanted to have an outlet to express ourselves because in life there is so much to do and so little time that we thought that making a site would be a great idea. Let me be clear it might be a good idea, but again there is so much to be done in life. What makes you think that people would get together their shit and work toward something else, something as time consuming as writing or thinking?

The thing is, at the beginning I knew that most of the responsibility of this site would be over my shoulders, but I thought that it was going to be more of a shared prosses. Even when another site decided to help us this whole process is laborious, super hard, but it might be just because I haven't had, basically, any support.

Then, to make things worst, I believe that this is the first couple of lines of sincere expression. The site has not become an outlet to express oneself; it's growing to be a simple, but substantial responsibility.

Now, we have been working a lot on a new structure for the site. That's been the deal in this last couple of weeks, we are also removing the arrangement with Amazon, we want to have something that is not at all money oriented, and there will be a lot of new content with a different nature. I guess we can say that we are "rethinking ourselves."

In a sense, I guess this is what we wanted in the first place. Something very clear, sincere and realistic. We are working toward it. But maybe I should still ask myself; does anyone reads anymore?

With that note of happy introspective sadness, I say again, thanks for reading.