Money can buy you some happiness.

I read and heard an article in NPR called, "Need A Happiness Boost? Spend Your Money To Buy Time, Not More Stuff ".[1] Where they say something super interesting, which is something that I have intuited many times but nevertheless is remarkable to confirm. A group of researchers has found that "buying free time" increases happiness.

You have not read wrong, we have too much of our time committed and apparently, this is one of the factors that prone us to not feel pleased or to feel unhappy with our experiences in life. For such reason releasing a little time makes us happy.

It seems to some extent evident, very often we hear people saying that they do not have time for this or that. This mostly talks about our inefficacy in prioritizing correctly, but it is true, anyway that it genuinely feels this way. It feels like we do not have time to do enough things and especially do the things that we like, have or must do.

Being sincere, it is a sad thing to come from a long day of work, tired and with a million commitments to attend and then also having to sweep or mop the house. Recognizing that in another era, and elsewhere today, it would have been also necessary to go get some water from the river and wash clothes by hand or simply search for water from the river to drink.

In our erroneous journey seeking happiness, we tend to buy new things that often force us, ironically, to take more time to maintain them. They say, for example, that the two happiest days in the life of one who buys a boat is the day he bought it and the day he manages to sell it.

Is understandable too that not everyone can, or want to hire a person to clean the house and buy in that way buy some extra hours. To some extent, we feel bad when we are fully capable of doing stuff and yet we hire personnel for our chores. Many people also believe that doing it themselves is the right way to do things. However, that can be left for our jobs and for our hobbies, but when it comes to doing chores this is not helpful for our growth.

In my personal experience, I purchased an iRobot Roomba 980 and being honest is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Not because my wife and I are lazy, which we possibly are, but because it brings us some extra free time and that makes us happy. We bought the Roomba not because I read the article, we bought it a few months ago as an anniversary gift for our marriage, but reading the article made us understand why a product that I hide under the sofa so that no one sees it, makes me privately so happy.

In summary, three things;

  • Our prioritization is the key to the happiness in our time.
  • Buying things does not make us happy but buying extra time does.
  • Technology can help us, we can obtain free time acquiring things that work for us.

Three things to address the three previous points;

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