Just the beginning.

I remember back in 2006 a documentary where Al Gore, a man I only knew for being the Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton, showed and warned us about Global Warming. In my arrogance I said; I have already experienced some hurricanes and some earthquake, how much more terrible can it be? So, although I was interested and smart enough to realize that we humans are responsible for the climatological atrocities that we suffer today, I gave not much importance to the matter. In fact, I think I did not even think much about it until now, 2017.

The reason is simple. In my specific case, there have been many days since I haven't enjoyed electricity, and at this point, I'm able to write this words only because I have essentially swapped myself to my other office about 45 minutes from my home where there is electric light. It is sad that we have to face these circumstances to finally consider that it might be time to seriously pay attention to the Global Warming issue as a pressing problem.

Irma, Harvey, Katia... is only what has happened this month. All this at the beginning of the hurricane season. The problem is way bigger than this. We have a very scary count of what has happened in 2017 so far. It goes like this:

  • Hurricanes, so far this year, had carried 174 deaths and $ 132 billion in losses. [1]
  • There have been more than 1,300 deaths with floods in Asia alone and thousands more in the rest of the world. The economic losses are not insignificant either, they sum millions of dollars already. [2] Just for reference sake, remember that the 2016 data says that 44 million people have been affected, one way or another, by floods. [3]
  • We have felt 1,124 tornadoes this year with an approximate of $ 5 billion dollars in damages. [4]
  • Typhoons have carried more than 114 deaths and 3.97 billion dollars in costs. [5]
  • All this without counting heat waves, snows, landslides, and many other natural hazards.

I'm not sure what we are going to do about all this, but I think we should start by becoming aware. So today, from the darkness of the lack of electricity I suggest you the two Al Gore documentaries about Global Warming.

Be aware of this crisis. Let's save the planet or at least let's try harder.

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