Hating Thanksgiving Day

We are going straight forward to the Christmas season but before the holidays we must suffer Thanksgiving Day. Yes, I hate Thanksgiving Day. It is a pretentious, arrogant, stupid celebration.

Let's begin with the supposed meaning and tradition. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day to be gracious about what God did for us in the year. Supposedly it started with the pilgrims celebrating with the natives in America but I suspect that if that ever happened there were celebrating how they killed, raped and conquered the natives, not exactly celebrating with them. But that is a conversation for another day.

The horror of Thanksgiving starts with the hypocrisy. It is the day in which more turkeys die. We consume more turkey on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year or even the whole year combined. At this point, you probably get where I'm going. Thanksgiving day is, among other things, a wasteful tragic day. If your family is like mine, you threw away a lot of turkeys after Thanksgiving.

What is the point of that celebration nowadays anyways? Are we supposed to hold all the gratitude that we felt within the year to that day? Aren't we suppose to be thankful all year long? Why do we gather the family to that day if we don't care about seeing them or even hearing from them the whole year long?

That's why it's so pretentious because we in our society do not give a rat's ass about family, God or being thankful, but then, we hold a day to do just that, to lie to ourselves and pretend that we cared. At this moment in this rant, I'm going to take sides with the religious people that want a "purer" Thanksgiving experience. Cause what I hate the most is not that we do not care about anything or anyone, what I hate the most is the inconsistencies.

If you want to be a good religious person, be thankful to God every day. If you want to care for your family, contact them every couple of weeks or even months but not once a year, that is just wrong. A false display of values which we do not possess.

Again, Thanks for reading.