Elon, I’m sorry,

I just finished reading Ashlee Vance's book; "Elon Musk; Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future" and for me, everything change. I was ready to name my first born Elon but after reading the book I don't feel comfortable enough with the idea. I believed that the problem is that although the book is very well written, Vance's style is way too aggressive and overtaking. It is common for this book to be constantly and unnecessarily rough.

Not everything is bad, the way Vance presents Tesla, Space X and many of Musk's endeavors is magnificent but it is always surrounded by an air of arrogance and that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that if you want to really want to learn about Musk's work and his persona, you won't really get satisfied by this book. Is not that the book does not present some historical background of Musk's life, cause it does and it's interesting information about basic aspects of the companies he has been involved in and its struggles, but you will feel some shortages. You most likely will feel that you read a lot but you didn't get to know enough.

I'm a fan of everything Musk, but after reading the book I get a bad taste about how he is presented. It's not that I would have wanted Vance to present Elom as a saint or even a genius, I actually liked the fact that he is presented as a normal human being, but the book does lack a healthy presentation of his humane side.

That probably is because the emphasis is toward his entrepreneurial skills, his failures and a constant admiration of his successes, but in a staggering angry and strangely unemotional way.

Thinking about this small review of the book makes me realize what for me seems to be the central situation with the book. It is the lack of sensibility on the narrative. It is not a bad story, it is actually a great modern inspirational story but it is a story focused on character creation, but not about Musk's character, which is actually portrayed as a control-freak compulsive dictator, which if the rest of the accounts of him is correct does not even draws an accurate portray of him. The character creation seems to be about the author.

But judge it by yourself if you want;